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Nina Elliott

Nina Elliott Yoga Teacher


Nina Elliott lives in Twillingate where she teaches Hatha yoga and makes temporary street art.

Nina’s yoga practice is meditative and highly accessible. She took her first yoga class in 2003 and has been experimenting with different classes and styles ever since. In 2016 she took 13 months to travel through SE Asia and completed her 200- hour teacher training program in Thailand, followed by three months of intensive daily practise.

She has also studied Vipassana meditation, completing a ten day silent retreat as well as a number of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses.

Nina believes that yoga teaches flexibility of the body and mind while cultivating confidence, ease and inspiration. She aspires to bring her community together by providing opportunities for connection, wellness and creativity.

You can find links to Nina’s yoga classes, workshops and street art at www.rockvandals.com.