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Lori McCarthy Culinary


Lori McCarthy identifies fiercely as a Newfoundlander, which means more than
just geographical location of birth to her. Her passion for the land is matched
only by her passion for food culture. Deeply rooted here, the skilled chef and
outdoorswoman is guided by a sense of responsibility to place. The ethics of
conservation and sustainability inform her every move, and she is as serious
about protecting Newfoundland culture, resources, and food ways as she is about
sharing them.

To be a wild chef, forager, hunter, educator, and chronic outdoorsperson is less
unusual amongst Newfoundlanders than you might think. The culture is based on
the values of resourcefulness and working with what the land provides. But Lori
has made it her life, becoming a leader and advocate in a back to the land
approach where traditional food culture is central. She’s committed to keeping
the wild game and foods of this province on our plates for generations to come,
and passing on the pride she learned at her own mother’s knee to her own
children who will inherit this island’s bounty.