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Jill Pitcher PR Consultant


With 20 years’ experience in communications, Jill’s unique ability to apply strategic, creative, and analytical thinking to projects and problems has inspired her knack for driving compelling digital strategy, while helping clients excel in addressing complex challenges. As a Senior Consultant with NATIONAL Public Relations, she infuses insight at every step of the planning process, driving informed strategies and online experiences guaranteed to make an impression.

Before joining NATIONAL in 2018, Jill spent more than 17 years working in the public sector where she led marketing, public education and digital communications strategy and research, including a multi-brand digital and social strategy for the Multi-Materials Stewardship Board. She also spent many years telling stories about natural and cultural history in Terra Nova National Park. During her time at NATIONAL, Jill has informed the content, architecture, and design for dozens of websites and social channels.

A geographer at heart and by education, Jill also has deep understanding of social science research and human behavior, which she applies to mapping content and thinking about the user experience. With an MSc and a Certificate in Advanced Social Media Strategy, it makes sense she thinks the best brands and campaigns leverage the power of people and place.