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Workshop: Brand Building and Placemaking

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Sep 18 2020


09:00 am - 12:00 pm


Zoom Webinar


Free, Donations Accepted

Great brands give us more than a product, service, or place to work. They give us a story to be part of, where new chapters are written with every experience and people and place are at its centre. This workshop begins with a focus on storytelling – the narrative aspect of your brand, whether it be for a business, a person, or a place.

We will explore examples of innovative digital approaches that have changed or strengthened the narrative of some of our favourite brands. Participants will apply the learnings from these case studies, such as how brands permeate digital spaces, as they begin to think and build their personal brands through a series of exercises.

This workshop will conclude with a focus on placemaking and how we can apply the concept of brand building and digital transformation to a specific place. We’ll embark on a collaborative placemaking exercise thinking about patterns of community use with attention to the cultural, social, and physical identity that defines a place’s past, present, and future (such as Twillingate!).

This workshop will include:

  • Introduction to brand and placemaking – building a purposeful story
  • Who’s nailing digital storytelling in 2020?
  • What can we learn from them to build our personal brands?
  • Personal brand building exercise
  • Wellness break
  • Placemaking as storytelling
  • More than maps (we love maps too!)
  • Placemaking exercise

Audience: General (everyone is a content creator!)
Participant skill level: Basic
Equipment: You do not need any specific equipment or software for this workshop.

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