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Digital Arts Residency in Twillingate


The Digital Arts Residency in Twillingate (DART) program is an exciting new initiative developed through the Unscripted Twillingate Digital Arts Festival. The artist residency program gives practicing artists in digital media the time, space and freedom to make digital art while living in the historic town of Twillingate.

Artists in residence are provided a place to live and work, a contribution towards supplies, mentorship, connections, and the opportunity for community engagement. Emphasis is placed on the importance of immersion in the local culture and artists are expected to engage with the community. Two digital artists are selected for residencies of three months starting in July.

We are excited to announce that Pierre LeBlanc, aka The Commission GEDEON Commission, and David Downton will be joining us in Twillingate for DART 2020!

As part of the residency, David and Pierre will complete a project to be presented at the Unscripted Twillingate Digital Arts Festival beginning September 17, 2020. They will also be offering opportunities for community involvement. The nature of this engagement may include, but will not be limited to: artist talks, screenings, or workshops. We will be working closely with the artists to adapt outreach ideas to COVID-19 restrictions.

Artists in Residence

Pierre LeBlanc Digital Arts Resident TwillingatePierre’s practice is best described as the contemporary digital expression of sound art. It involves accumulating sensory data and transforming it in unusual ways with the use of effects, loops and layers. His work uses images and sounds created at different periods, places and states of mind. It is essentially the creative act in reverse – a cut-up in its purest form. Pierre’s work generates from a simple act: selecting an auditory stimulus, making it audible by playing it, then building a structure around it intuitively. This stimulus can be texture, rhythm, voice or noise. The process is the product.

Pierre’s project: Pierre plans to collect sensory data, (audio and visual) from around Twillingate, present sonic experiences, and synthesize his work into an album.


David Downton, Digital Arts Residence TwillingateDavid is a multimedia video artist with a background in filmmaking, 2D and 3D animation, glitch art, and photography. David’s work involves experimenting with and discovering new visual techniques by combining old obsolete analog hardware with modern digital technology. His practice is driven by a passion for discovering new processes, dissecting every pixel and reverse-engineering things to figure out new techniques, producing digital art as a byproduct of this learning process.

David’s project:  David plans to create a stop motion animated film about a haunted sea voyage against the coastal backdrop of Twillingate, incorporating lots of local talent.