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Call for Technical Team

Post date:
30 July 2020

Who We Are

The Unscripted Twillingate – Digital Arts Festival, hosted in Twillingate, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, is a four-day festival that celebrates all things digital (photography, filmmaking, music, mixed media, etc.) combined with adventure, entertainment and food for an experience to remember! This year will be our sixth festival and a change from our usual format – our workshops and events will be virtual.


The festival will be held for four days: Thursday, September 17 to Sunday, September 20, 2020 inclusive.

Technical Team

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s festival will be virtual. We will be using a mixture of live and recorded videos for our events across multiple platforms (Zoom and Facebook Live). As such, we are seeking a technical production team (3-4 people) to organize, produce, and run both pre-recorded and live video events leading up to and during the festival. Full descriptions of our planned events are included below. The virtual festival will be formatted as a TV broadcast, with co-hosts to introduce each event and transition between different events and workshops.

Production Crew Duties

The following is a description of production crew positions and responsibilities. Some of the positions described below may be combined under one person depending on technical capabilities.

Technical Team Lead 

The Technical Team Lead will be responsible for organizing the production crew and planning pre-recordings and live recordings of events; maintaining the Festival production schedule and ensuring that all timelines are met; running the livestreams on the Zoom and Facebook Live platforms; and coordinating with the Unscripted Festival Team.


The Videographer/Editor will be responsible for collecting pre-recorded video clips for each Unscripted Festival event that requires it, and editing these for broadcast. They will also be responsible for running the video equipment for our live events.

Video Graphics Technician

The Video Graphics Technician will be responsible for developing video graphics for the Unscripted Festival events, including transitions between pre-recorded and live video.

Sound Technician

The Sound Technician will be responsible for recording and editing the sound for each event broadcast, including both pre-recorded and live events and workshops.

Application Requirements

If you are interested in joining the technical production team, please contact meghan@unscriptedfestival.com (email subject: Technical Team) by Friday, August 14 at 5:00pm and provide:

  • A resume, including samples of relevant work (can be links)
  • 2 professional references
  • Your Daily Rate

The technical production team will be needed for some pre-production work and preparation between September 1 – 16, and for the duration of the festival (September 17-20).

“Digitizing” The Twillingate Unscripted Digital Arts Festival

COVID-19 has presented the Twillingate Unscripted Digital Arts Festival with an opportunity and a challenge. Current travel restrictions make executing the festival as in past years impossible. The board has met and carefully considered each and every event and how we can move forward in a “digitatized” or “virtualized” format. We are fondly referring to the 2020 festival as the “Digital” Digital Arts Festival. 

Transforming the Twillingate Unscripted Digital Arts Festival to an all online platform calls for vision and innovation so we can reach far beyond the coastlines of our tiny island. A virtual version of the Unscripted Twillingate Digital Arts Festival will be ready to bring our program to the world while continuing to support our community and community businesses. We will create content we can re-use to continue to promote the festival and Twillingate. Below is a summary of how most elements will be delivered. 

Host and Co-Host

Continuity will be an important part of presenting many of our elements online. The Festival will have a host/co-hosts that will help with introductions and explanations of events as they are happening. The festival events will include introductions and voice overs from our hosts. They will be able to answer questions in real time and provide an overall flavour to the Festival. It will take the format of a television broadcast that will be live streamed via Zoom and Facebook. 

Opening Reception

The opening reception will be broadcast online with greetings from various levels of government through programs and apps such as Zoom and FaceTime, blended with pre-recorded video. Pre-recorded segments will utilize motion graphics and original NL music. The reception will outline the upcoming events planned for the festival and explain how and when to access them.

Kitchen Party with The Split Peas

The kitchen party will be livestreamed in a local venue, using a multi-camera setup. There is plenty of room for the group to physically distance. The show will showcase The Split Peas from Twillingate. The audience will watch from the comfort of their homes but will be able to send comments and requests along (through Facebook Live). 


As in previous years, the festival will offer 4 workshops. Our workshops will be presented as online master classes through Zoom, making these workshops available to anyone anywhere in the world. The benefit of this format is that many more people can attend than could in live workshops.

Pied Pirate Musical Stroll

This event has always been about showcasing businesses in Twillingate. The Pied Pirate has led groups with song and story into art galleries, gift shops, and other establishments. We wanted to make sure that we continue to promote our business community with this event. The event will have volunteers dressed as pirates following the Pied Pirate while physically distancing and parading down main street. The businesses that were normally on the route will provide virtual walkthrough and links to online shopping options. The procession will be accompanied by a small video production team who will film and live stream a digital stroll through our community. 

From The Bog and The Bay Feast

We are considering two options for this event. Option A: We will film the creation of the meal prep course by course with an invited Chef. People will collect their takeout food boxes in a safe manner observing physical distancing and go home and watch the night’s entertainment from home. A link will provide an online location where ‘diners’ will be able to watch the courses as they are being prepared and will be able to download the recipes. Option B: The Take Home Food baskets will be collected before the live streamed event. The home feast will then be combined with the Saturday Soiree and diners will enjoy the live streamed show with their dinner. 

Saturday Soirée

This event always features a digital review or recap of the Festival. This year will be no different. We will celebrate the Festival and cap it off with some amazing entertainment. Virtual live entertainment allows us to work with an entertainer from anywhere in the province. We will use livestream technology to bring the celebration to a broad audience. This evening will seamlessly incorporate the hosts, closing remarks from dignitaries and the recap.