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Call for Digital Artists

Post date:
July 22, 2020

Who We Are

The Unscripted Twillingate – Digital Arts Festival, hosted in Twillingate, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, is a four-day festival that celebrates all things digital (photography, filmmaking, music, mixed media, etc.) combined with adventure, entertainment and food for an experience to remember!

An annual feature of the festival is an Art Exhibit of digital art (photo images, design, videos, interactive and mixed installations that can be presented in an online format). The Art Exhibit showcases local digital artists/photographers from Newfoundland & Labrador but also provides space for featured guest artist(s) from elsewhere. Interactive artist presentations may be done by video conference such as Zoom.


The festival will be held for four days, from Thursday, September 17 to Sunday, September 20, 2020 inclusive.


The 2020 festival is being planned as an online event due to public health concerns.

Expression Of Interest

If you are interested in providing art for the exhibit please contact us by email at art@unscriptedfestival.com (email subject: Unscripted Submission) by August 16, 2020 and provide:

One PDF including:

1. Artist name and contact information (including home mailing address, email, and phone number)
2. Brief artist biography that will be published with your work (100 – 200 words)
3. Brief artist statement that will be published with your work (What are your inspirations?) (100 – 200 words)
4. Written description of each artwork submitted in a numbered list including:

– Title
– Date
– Provide the link, or note ‘attached’
– Note ‘Main Exhibit’ or ‘Isolation Theme’
– Medium (such as photography, mixed media, audio, animation, etc.)
– Length (if applicable for audio, video, etc.)
– Brief description of the process
– All software used (to create and/or edit your work)
– Credits (as applicable, provide details if other people or sources are involved)
– Any other helpful information

5. Optional: If you are willing to do a short online workshop or presentation about your work, please include a brief proposal within the PDF

Submit up to 10 artworks in total for the main exhibit, plus up to 5 artworks for the optional themed display entry (see details below)

  • Digital images:
  • – Attach (jpeg)
    – Link (include within the PDF)
    – Photo stories to be submitted as a single PDF or video

  • Video or audio work (maximum 30 minutes each, totaling no more that 30 minutes)
  • – Link (include within the PDF)

    If your files are too large to be sent by email, please contact us to arrange for Dropbox or other means of transfer.


    All submissions must be sent in email as attachments; images in jpeg format, text file as PDF (links are included within the PDF), or by prearranged file transfer.

    Submissions must be received no later than midnight August 16, 2020.

  • Art must have a digital element
  • Each item must be clearly described
  • You must be the copyright holder of the work
  • If you are incorporating the work of others, you must obtain permission and credit must be given
  • Originality in artwork is the goal, if any other sources are used or modified within your creative process, such as creative commons images, sfx, or songs, these must be described in the process and credited in the written description.
  • Artwork should not have been shown at a past Unscripted Twillingate event
  • Artwork should not be a commercial item
  • The Art Committee reserves the right to choose which art will be included in the exhibit.

    Support Provided

    The Unscripted Festival can provide assistance with preparation of your work into a suitable online presentation.
    Tip: To create a submission PDF using Google Documents:

  • Write the document, double check that all requirements are included
  • File> Download> PDF
  • Then attach the PDF to your submission email
  • Themed Display

    In addition to the main art exhibit, exhibit space will also be provided for an optional “themed display”

  • Theme for 2020 is “Isolation”
  • Artists may submit up to 5 additional artworks for this themed display
  • Clearly note these as ‘Isolation Theme’ within the description of each item within your submission
  • One item will be on display per artist in the themed display
  • If more than one item is submitted, the Art Committee will choose the one item for the display
  • Contact Us with an expression of interest by email or if you have questions about requirements.