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Shan Leigh Pomeroy



Shan Leigh Pomeroy is a multidisciplinary visual artist. She graduated from Concordia University in Quebec with a BFA in Studio Art and Art History. Her creative interests include archival imagery and documentation, gender, anatomy, geography, and juxtaposition of media and style.

Since 2007, she has won awards and contributed written and visual projects to several art exhibitions, markets and publications in Newfoundland, Hong Kong and Quebec under the profile The W(h)ine Region.

Shan has received grant funding from the City of St. John’s Grants to Artists and Organizations program for two consecutive years, as well as ArtsNL to illustrate a children’s book by Karen Silver in 2018. During the winter of 2020, she was selected to produce work and participate in workshops for the Each for Equal project, and continues to be a member of this now annual event.

Most recently, Shan has picked up animation, filmmaking, and digital music composition, has begun studying Graphic Design, and continues to actively participate in the Newfoundland creative arts milieu.

She will be attending her first Artist-in-Residency program in Portugal at Buinho Creative Hub in 2021.

Shan currently lives and works in St. John’s, Newfoundland, with her partner and two cats.

Artist Statement

Much of my work deals with gender and anatomical ambiguities, or interruptions of media and style to express discontinuities in social norms/binaries. I often use the juxtaposition of hard and soft, crassness and playfulness, realism and abstraction, to address reproductive issues, sexual conventions, or general ways in which we’ve been conditioned to see the world. I deal heavily with the body’s relationship to space and context. My recent work has sought to address the methods of world-building involved in the process of map-making, and our reliance on these reduced, simplified images of the world to convey particular meanings and precepts that govern our general grasp of land masses so large that they extend beyond our capacity of understanding.