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Rona Rangsch

Rona Rangsch


Rona Rangsch is a multimedia artist and interdisciplinary researcher living and working in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Saarbrücken, Germany. Leaving familiar grounds intellectually and/or physically allows her to transcend cultural and thematic boundaries which is why exploring foreign places and life-long learning are key elements of her practice. Rona was awarded numerous international artist-in-residence grants and work stipends for projects across Europe, in Canada and in Japan. Besides exhibiting her own work internationally, she has been co-curating the exhibition and residency programs at Künstlerhaus Dortmund for fifteen years. Currently, Rona is working on her dissertation project “AMBIVALAND: Cultural Ambivalence and the Aura of Newfoundland” at Memorial University.

[Newfound] Land As…

Series of digital photo montages, 2020
The individual tableaus represent different conceptions of the notion of land − as landscape, resource, property, soil, terrain, wilderness, home, and creature − seen through a Newfoundland lens. They are informed by relations to the different modes of land as identified in a cross-disciplinary and cross-genre (and necessarily selective) study of the written discourse on the place. Among the many types of relations detected illusion, desire, attachment, abuse, and ambivalence figure prominently.
All photo footage was collected in Newfoundland and processed using Photoshop.