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Lori Cusack



I am from and live in Gander, NL. I work full time in healthcare as an LPN the past 13+years. Iʼve had an interest in photography since I was about 5 years old. Early memories of family photos using the slide projector and using my parents film cameras, to getting my first a 35mm film camera in grade 7. Many years and cameraʼs later, I currently use both Nikon D90 & D610 DSLRs. I also enjoy visiting our beautiful province of Newfoundland, road trips with family and friends.

Artist statement

Iʼm slowly figuring out what type of photography I love most. Portraits, macro, wildlife, ICM, minimalism, but I especially love low light, night shots, landscapes & composite photography. I attempt to find a different angles with a goal of a unique shot. I use lightroom & photoshop to edit my images, I try to keep my images as original as possible, unless a composite is involved. However, the camera only captures one dimension, so a few corrections are needed at times. Iʼm constantly learning, be it a workshop, YouTube videos, books and taking part in meetings with the Gander photography group. Iʼm also grateful for the help of a friend/mentor Craig Brown for guidance on my photography for the past few months.

Descriptions of Images

Keeper of the light – Bonavista, Newfoundland. One of my window series. A reflection of the Bonavista lighthouse.

Down by the bay – Boydʼs Cove, Newfoundland. Taken during a lull in a thunderstorm, yellow seaweed glowed, the clouds ominous, a downpour followed.

Natureʼs Boutique – English Harbour, Newfoundland. Looking at the church from the lupin field.

When the lights go out – under the Milkyway – Cobbʼs Pond, Gander NL. An outing to capture comet NEOWISE (not pictured here). Sometimes the view behind is just as amazing especially when the stars align. Captured using Nikon d610, tripod & shutter release cable. My second time capturing the milkyway – even more amazing!

Social ice-so-lation – Port-Rexton, Newfoundland. Taken this past May. Taken sometime in the early hours of the night. The freezing North Atlantic winds, made even chillier gusting past this ancient block of ice in the harbour. Taken before a staycation was popular, an isolated road trip- sunset, night Photography, car naps & sunrise. Standing beside the car at 2am to capture this shot, priceless. A slow year for bergs – they even practiced social distancing this year! Thanks to A great friend & mentor of mine Craig Brown for help with the processing of this image.

kaleidoscope village – A trip to Quidi Vidi to capture fallʼs colours in this quaint
village. An attempt to focus stack a series of images in photoshop gone horribly wrong.. so
I thought .. our minds are amazing fast, processing what the eyes see… right ready to hit
“Command Z” to reverse the action.. Realization I have a unique image – my best oops

on the sunny side of life – Late December 2019.. Heading east, chasing the light from Goobies on the highway – hoping Iʼd find a good place to stop in time, the light was fading. Ironically a stop in Sunnyside gave me my shot.

thru the glass – Hillgrade, Newfoundland. Another of my windows photo series…sometimes capturing what the eye sees takes a little bit of work. The stained glass window at the back of the church, visible in the side window only lined up at a certain angle. Edited in lightroom & photoshop to reflect what my eye/mind visioned. Unfortunately this church is now boarded up, hopefully with preservation in mind. How many eyes looked upon the stained glass window over the years.

night guardian – Twillingateʼs Long Point Lighthouse. A wide angle HDR image looking up at the lighthouse. Taken a few weeks ago. A fast moving thunderstorm had just passed over.

Like da glass – A Rain, drizzle & Foggy evening at Little Harbour, Gander NL. This tranquil scene unfolded as I waited for the rain to stop.. on the edge of the sleepy cove, one flipflopped foot in the icy waters of Gander Lake. A refreshing experience, heightened senses, and lots of fly bites later…this captured image, made up of 2-3 images stitched together for a pano shot.

Isolation gallery

1. “Hello out there? – Self portrait under the milky way. Taken at Silent Witness at Gander Lake in July. My first milky way shot! Maybe on one of these stars in our solar system other humans wonder who else is out there! The Milky Way was visible this night, pitch black out, no moon light at all. Camera set up on a tripod with timer for multiple shots.

2. landscaper needed, Apply within – must clear own entrance. This little window is
attached to an undetermined style of house. A lack of maintenance, over a few years = One
isolated location!