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Laurence Finet



Laurence Finet (Mons, Belgium, 1976) graduated in the Fine Arts Diploma program at the Ottawa School of Art in 2018. In 2014, she decided to concentrate on the development of her artistic practice. Her work has been recognized by several awards of excellence and recently acquired by the City of Ottawa. She currently resides and works in Chelsea, Quebec and she is represented by the gallery Studio Sixty Six in Ottawa, Ontario.

My works start from an idea; they arouse the viewer’s emotions and invite him to take an intellectual approach and examine the question explored. I am not a painter, printmaker, or a photographer; I am an artist who looks for a skill, a medium to express her concept in her own way. My art is also a reflection of my emotions and my contemporary context. From the deeply personal, I aim to reach a universal question.

What is art for me? Art is a journey…a place to slow down, dream, question, experiment and become aware while inspiring a sense of wonder. Art is a way to access freedom.

“A work of art that has not started in emotion is not art.” – Paul CΓ©zanne

Artist statement

Through several media, I explore the idea of β€œCyborgization.” More and more, we become disconnected to nature, and more dependent on technology. Technology is turning into a part of us; we are becoming technology as it is changing our minds and bodies. The opposition between reality, authenticity, and emotions versus illusion, cyborgization and artificiality is what has been fueling my work.

These series focus on the sensuality of cyborgs. Will cyborg beings experience emotions originating from sensuality, like we, human beings, do? Will they have desires? Without a human being in the background directing them? And could they eventually be able to create art? As long as they are a collection of algorithms, without their own subjectivity, will cyborg beings be able to create a work of art that generates artistic emotions to the viewer? Presently, robots are still incapable of gaining a consciousness, but for how long?

Through my work, I delve into the field of human emotions and I appose these emotions to what a cyborg being could experience. This exploration is leading me to the root of human emotions where I aim to excavate fragments of what makes us human.