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John Elliott


John Elliott has been making pictures since grade school. After a career as an Electrical Engineer John returned to college receiving an honours diploma in Photojournalism. John now works as a freelance photographer, sells prints and art cards and leads photo workshops. Since 2014 John has been photographing night skies in the Twillingate area.

Artist Statement

I am a graduate of the Loyalist College Photojournalism program. I truly enjoy telling a story with pictures and documenting life. After a few years working as a freelance photojournalist
I began shooting for more artistic purposes. There is beauty in everyday things that many of us just don’t see. I want to capture this beauty to feed my own soul and to share it with others. My favourite times of the day are early morning – calm, peaceful with exquisite soft light, evening – golden hour and soft light and night with light from the stars and the moon.

In the morning dew is a bonus, revealing things that might normally be missed. It is positively magical.

A shadow, a reflection, contrast, line, shape – all form the basis for interesting and beautiful images. I’m like a kitten chasing a laser pointer – constantly scanning the landscape for that combination of elements that will become a photograph. Excited when I find it. Not content until I capture it.

I am constantly reminded that there are many ways of looking at things, and not only through the lens.