Unscripted Twillingate: Digital Arts Festival | Jeffrey Elford - Unscripted Twillingate: Digital Arts Festival

Jeffrey Elford

I am in my early thirties. I have no formal art education, save for classes from kindergarten through grade 12, college training in AutoCAD and on-the-job training in SolidWorks 3D software at the Professional level. I used this training to create 2D and 3D images for Dynamic Air Shelters which would later be reviewed, approved and sent to the production floor for the images to be cut out and assembled. On occasion, I used for images outside of work. Sometimes I use the computer Paint program to make my own memes for social media and I’ve dabbled in using Windows Movie Maker to make my own videos, such as pseudo-commercials or presentations. On occasion, I sketch something in an old notebook or printing paper for amusement or a special occasion.

Artist Statement
Art is a bit of a hobby for me. I usually take numerous photographs and videos when I travel near and far. Sometimes, I cobble them together to make an amusing video and pass it on to friends and family or put it on social media for more to see. Sometimes, the art reveals itself already made in an unexpected place and I think “Why not get a picture? How often do you see something like this?” I don’t think I’m considered a professional artist, but I’m curious to see how far it might go, to learn some new skills and go farther than I think I can.

Submission – “Boy, is my face red”

It was photographed June 13, 2020 via an iPhone 8. My parents have a cabin between Grand Beach and Frenchman’s Cove, with a fire pit near its front deck. Wood is sometimes chopped into suitable lengths and piled up to be burned later. On this night, I suddenly noticed that the pile of wood my father and I helped make, when viewed at the right angle, resembled a human face! It looked like a man with a mustache and a beard with a serious expression. I took out my phone to capture the image for posterity. It was dark and the only lights were from the fire and possibly some lights strung up in the trees and the lights above the front deck. Those conditions, along with the way the iPhone camera was calibrated at that moment, caused the image to appear in a red tint. It reminded me of the old expression “Boy, is my face red” which I thought would be a suitable title because creating this thing without knowing it is an embarrassment of riches. This picture is a testament to happenstance and luck, to how something can be achieved without realizing it.