Unscripted Twillingate: Digital Arts Festival | Janice Hertel - Unscripted Twillingate: Digital Arts Festival

Janice Hertel

Janice Hertel enjoys creating art and immersive experiences through digital and traditional practices. She has lived in Newfoundland for over a decade, and she calls Portugal Cove her home. Digital art career highlights include working on video games (Xbox360, Nintendo DS/Wii, PC, mobile) and IMAX 3D films (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix). She completed a BFA at Virginia Commonwealth University, an MFA at James Madison University, a BEd at Memorial University and studied 3D Digital Animation at Seneca College. She has worked in museums, galleries, and as a post-secondary educator in the US and Canada.

Artist Statement
The subject matter of my work is technology and the human element. I am interested in exploring social connections and public spaces as seen through a democratized and participatory lens. Original art assets are created through a pipeline that interplays traditional and digital media.