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Gaayathri Sukantha Murugan



Gaayathri Murugan is a feminist visual arts student in her third year at Grenfell Campus. She came to Newfoundland in 2018 from Chennai, India. She has been making and selling small paintings since 2015. Her art practice is a mix of painting, digital drawings, and printmaking. She is an avid reader and enjoys writing poetry. She also loves hiking, exploring new places, and swimming. Her work has been displayed in a few shows, such as t/here – juried by Andrew Testa and Emily Critch, and the Little Sustainable House exhibition – curated by Drew Pardy and Kelsey Street, both in Corner Brook in 2019.

Artist Statement

Gaayathri is inspired by nature and by sights that are often unobserved by others. Her goal is to draw attention to the beauty of solitude, and things that people notice when exploring the outdoors by oneself. She enjoys playing around with geometric shapes and patterns, as well as gradients. Her digital work is usually fun and lighthearted, meant to recall hazy memories of childhood art and experiences. There is an element of rigidity and solid lines that contrasts with the playful colours and repetitive gradients. When she is exploring the outdoors is usually when she notices something that she thinks might make for an interesting piece of art, especially if it is from an angle that goes unnoticed. “Sunset” and “Web” are pieces created from observations made in solitude.