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Daze Jefferies


Daze Jefferies (she/her) is a sixth-generation white settler artist, writer, and researcher born and raised in the Bay of Exploits on the northeast coast of rural Newfoundland. Working with archives, found beach materials, queer ephemera, oral histories, sound, poetry, sculpture, theory, performance, and illustration, her research-based creative practice engages with the ocean as a body of loss to form washy, wayward, and withheld counter-narratives of trans histories at the water’s edge. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Folklore and Gender Studies (2016) and a Master of Gender Studies (2020) from Memorial University. Her research-creation and multidisciplinary projects have been exhibited at Eastern Edge, The Rooms, Unscripted Twillingate, Inverness County Centre for the Arts, and Cape Breton University Art Gallery, as well as performed widely at festivals, theatres, and house shows in St. John’s – including HOLD FAST, Lawnya Vawnya, FemFest, and Out of Earshot. Co-author of Autoethnography and Feminist Theory at the Water’s Edge: Unsettled Islands (2018), she has recent publications in Riddle Fence, Understorey, HELD, The Dalhousie Review, Arc, and Feral Feminisms.

Artist Statement

Emotional relationships with Newfoundland seascapes, beaches, and otherworldly watery beings have shaped my fluid life as a bay-girl from an early age. I believe the ocean is an ancient spirit, a giving and taking knowledge holder. In my ongoing creative experiments, illustrating mermaids and fisherqueer lifeforms, and beach-combing for found objects carried by water, allows me to imagine a rural world awash – an otherwise geography within which the threat of environmental loss and climate crisis are made livable here on the northeast coast. Holding a body of water together, what emerges from this precarious assemblage is a story of time, drift, and transition that finds hope in the changing Atlantic. These works – a collection of scanographic prints and digital collages assembled and manipulated in Photoshop CC – embody dreams from my childhood that rush into the present with the force of a loving trans+oceanic heart.