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Chantal Pennell, Lorna Conquergood, Yalitsa Riden & Anie Toole – Mail & Response

Chantal Pennell (She/Her)
Lorna Conquergood (She/Her)
Yalitsa Riden
Anie Toole

Chantal Pennell (She/Her)
Braided within a west coast landscape of deep-sea, evergreens,
and blue sky is the place I call home in Curling, NL. I am
enchanted by the ever-changing Newfoundland landscape as it
shifts throughout the seasons. I am inspired by a beauty that is
more than visual and a knowledge that is beyond human
perception. As I marvel at sparkling sunlight and pearlescent
shells, I am compelled by nature’s invitation into an ancient
conversation. By photographing moments within the landscape,
noting thoughts from time spent within nature, and drawing by
translation with natural materials, I celebrate the wisdom of
the natural world. My practice has been responding in kind to
natural ways of being by revering the wisdom of the natural
world through engaging with plants, animals, and place using
personal, ecological, & Indigenous lenses. My ideas infuse my
mixed Newfoundland heritage, including Portuguese and Mi’kmaq,
and my experiences growing up in Curling, Newfoundland.
Collecting imagery that captures the ever-present wisdom found
within local plants and animals is at the heart of my practice.

Lorna Conquergood (She/Her)
As a painter, my work is influenced by being a mother, wife,
sister, daughter and granddaughter. The paintings provide traces
of lived experiences and the importance of my relationships with
place and family. Whether a piece is about rural living or the
relationship with my grandmother, I share figurative
representations that stir a connection with those who have felt
something similar.

Yalista Riden
Oh hey! How are ya?
Oh that?
Stuffed away in the corner behind a bunch of old cardboard boxes
and dirty laundry?
That old thing?

Anie Toole

The envelope has a yellowy tinge and smells like the mill down
the road from where I grew up. The mill where the clouds gather.
The mill where the whistle blows. The handwritten name on the
front is clear, elegant, and perfect. Unlike the person, who is
messy and burps without apologizing. There is an eagerness to
tear those neat edges but instead I choose to carefully slice
along the crease at the top, revealing an unexpected gift.
Something special awaits me as I tug at the tiny piece of neatly
folded paper tucked inside. The dust of sky is the first thing I
see followed by neat scribbles and the scent of salt water. I
look at the hurried brushstrokes and patient words. Each telling
me a story I have never heard before but know so well. A story
with a beginning but no end. A story awaiting its next chapter.
I hear the whistle blowing. Down the road. Where the clouds are.
MAIL & RESPONSE is a performative gesture of movement and
stillness. Connectivity and contemplativeness. Experience and
Influenced by the call and response of the sea shanty folk song
traditions, we’ve decided to use the structure of improvisation
as a way of communicating with one another through the creative
means of digital mail art.
Through an interactive approach we will circulate a piece of
breathing art that will have an opportunity to engage with each
sender and receiver, both contributing to the experience of the
artwork and its final digital presentation.

The project will start with one individual who will call upon
another, who will respond and then call on another, the process
repeating itself until it reaches its “final” destination in the
digital realm. This destination isn’t so much an end but a
continuous beginning, a space in which others can contribute
their own interpretations, meanings, memories, and ideas.
The project will include our group but will also invite the
public to join in as collaborators offering their creativity and
guidance as it unfolds.
This collaborative artwork will take form in an online database
(website) where the art will be viewable for others to engage

Connecting has never seemed as vital and complicated as it has
since the start of the pandemic and our communities have found
unique and creative ways to stay in touch.
This project attempts to acknowledge and celebrate that
connectivity in a way that recognizes how distance can create
challenges but how it can also has the power to bring us
These gestures are an expression of our experiences and how we
connect with ourselves and each other. A collective experience
that honours our individuality while acknowledging our
The whistle blows. Down the road. Where the clouds are.

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