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Ashley Hemmings


Ashley Hemmings is a visual artist and gallery worker from Newfoundland and Labrador. Ashley completed her BFA in Visual Art from Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland and is currently working towards her MFA at the University of Windsor, in Windsor, Ontario. Her research-based art practice has led her to partner with environmental scientists, cognitive psychologists, and horticulturalists, to consider the intersection of many different ways of looking at and interacting with the natural world. Ashley has worked at a number of art galleries across Newfoundland including Eastern Edge Gallery, The Grenfell Art Gallery, and The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery. Currently she works as a Research Assistant to Dr. Jennifer Willet and the Incubator Art Lab at the University of Windsor.

Artist Statement
Growing up in Newfoundland, my life and personal identity has always been rooted in the land and my sense of place. In my art practice, I consider rural and urban ecologies, and the ways that humans regulate nature within these spaces through interdisciplinary experiments combining traditional craft processes, with performance, digital drawing, photography, site-specific installations, and collections of found objects. I approach environmental issues with seriousness but also whimsy, seeking a balance for my art practice somewhere between physical and emotional labour and fun. With my illustration work specifically I am interested in looking closely at mundane or grotesque aspects of life that are often overlooked or specifically ignored – such as the spot patterns on a perfectly ripe banana, or the body of an animal found dead in an urban space.