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Amazing Root Cellar Race

Event details

Sep 22 2019


10:00 am - 12:30 pm




$15 per person or $25 per team of two (includes T-shirt)

Amazing Root Cellar RaceThe fourth annual Amazing Root Cellar Race!  The final event of this year’s Unscripted Twillingate Digital Arts Festival,

We start early Sunday morning and each participant or team gets the clue to finding the first root cellar (and yes, Twillingate has 232 of them). Run or walk a race through a predetermined course going from root cellar to root cellar using GPS coordinates and an online map. Using your smart phone and Map, let your clue lead you to the first root cellar,  Take and tweet your selfie with the race hashtag for a clue to the second root cellar

The entire race takes approximately 1.5 hours  (about 3 km) and can be done as an individual or as a team,  The winner will receive this year’s Golden Turnip Award. And it is not necessarily the fastest team that wins the race! It takes brains, fast thinking, teamwork and yes, speedy sneakers will help to take home the coveted Golden Turnip Award.

Amazing Root Cellar Race  This is a fun event for everyone.

  Dress for weather and terrain.

  Download the “All Trails” app on your mobile device.

  Bring a mobile device.

  A t-shirt is included with every registration.